sábado, 13 de novembro de 2010

Choosing the theme

Having in mind the environmental problems we have been facing, it seems like a good opportunity to warn not only about what humans are doing wrong but also about what can be done to solve some of these problems.

More and more environmental issues are the reason of getting worried and many of the actual generations will have to deal with the environmental crisis which is provoked by the exponential growth of people and bad actions towards life on Earth, consequences of the technological development. As worried citizens with a developed environmental conscience, the theme Bioremediation is certainly appropriated to the actual social context, in which we see people trying to change their behavior every time.

In spite of its long period of existence, 20 years, society hasn’t given the right importance and attention to this technique, which has been kind of ignored and got unknown. Therefore, the divulgation of Bioremediation and the sensitization for the environmental problems is important, without any doubt, and it’s a duty of each one of us to take our role, because, even if we can’t change the whole world, we can change «our world».
The choice of this project is mainly related, as it was mentioned, with the necessity to divulgating such an all-embracing theme: the sustainability. Bioremediation suggests us to turn the page, to show the other side besides the alternative energies and the consequences of the human action. Sensitizing is never too much, because, after all, our memory is tricky.

Linked to what was referred there is the experimental and laboratorial component that fascinates all the members of the group and will be an indispensable skill at university.

After all, is there a better reason to develop a project than wanting to make the difference and contributing for a better informed society?

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