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Physical parameters of water

Physical parameters of water:
  • Density: at 20 is 1Kg/m3
  • Specific heat: 1 Cal/g °C (average value between 0°C e 100°C) 
  • Vaporization heat: 540 Cal/g, at 1 atm 
  • Solidification heat: 80 Cal/g 
  • Temperature: it influences the aquatic life and the chemical reactions that occur inside water.  
  • Electric conductivity:

  • Color: there are waters colored naturally, due to some substances that are dissolved or suspended. A yellow color means that there are a small amount of non-harmful organic acids, but the color in water can disturb some industrial activities, such as textile industry or films. 
  • Turbidity: it is related to the existence of suspended particles in water and usually it is expressed.  
  • Taste.
  • Smell. 
  • Suspended particles: they can be or not sedimentary, it depends on its diameter and they are similar to the soil of the watershed which the rivers contacts with. Surface water usually has important amounts of suspended solids, which are rare in underground water.
Quality of the water:

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