sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Presentation of the project


Bioremediation is a science which studies, monitorizes and uses a range of techniques to remove and neutralize organic and inorganic pollutants present in the soil, water and other environments using microorganisms, such as fungi, bacteria or leaven, or their enzymes. This is a technique which has gained more and more importance in the global context, since with the increasing of industrialization and pollution, people have looked for new alternatives to reduce those impacts.

In this project we will investigate information about bioremediation and how to use it, to posterior experimental and field work, to evaluate the capacity of degradation of pollutants using bacteria and plants.

After evaluating the results and with the development of this project we want to show this innovating technique of despollution to the comunity, demonstrating that the future of global sustainability may pass by it.

Be conscious!

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